FB Manager is the breakthrough automated solution for the Management of Contractors’ Failure and Nonconformities.
It is based on the most recent software technology and it's simple, easy to use, reliable and effective.

The system is the result of a long process of analysis carried out within medium and large organizations in the Oil & Gas industry, with focus on the requirements set forth in ISO 9001:2008 and on other applicable industry standards and best practices.

FB Manager is a web-based cloud system, accessible from any place in the world where Internet connectivity is available; only a web browser is required to connect. FB Manager has great capabilities such as login-based access, automatic email notifications and reminders, file attachments (in order to give objective evidence of events and actions), graphs and reports, Contractors’ portal, easy data search and retrieval, reporting and investigation history, data export to .xls/.pdf formats, full traceability of Non-Productive Time (NPT) and relevant costs, and many others.

The system is available off-the shelf in different configurations, and it is customizable and scalable to suit the different needs of Organizations of different sizes.

According to the ISO 9001:2008 standard, when a nonconformity is detected, both immediate resolution and corrective action should be expected, in a typical sequence such as:
  • Identify an immediate resolution.
  • Perform proper analysis of cause.
  • Determine and implement effective corrective actions.

In FB Manager a nonconformity is reported through an intuitive input data form, which takes into account all the mandatory information required by the ISO standards.

FB Manager meets the requirements set by ISO 9001:2008 in particular with regards to “Purchasing process [7.4.1]”, “Verification of purchased product [7.4.3]”, “Control of nonconforming product [8.3]“, ”Analysis of data [8.4]”, “Improvement [8.5]”.

When dealing with large databases there is a need for proper classification, easy retrieval and efficient analysis of stored data.
FB Manager includes all of these features, thanks to the use of most common database formats and its light and efficient interface with the collected data.

A variety of graphical and text/tabular reports can be created by the system with almost unlimited combinations of the system variables. Data can be filtered by year/month, contractor's name, amount of NPT's, incurred costs of nonconformities, severity of nonconformities, to name just a few.
Graphs and reports are interactive and can be clicked in order to go to the relevant record. A variety of pre-configured reports can be print off-the system with a simple click of mouse.



  • The system is capable of sending automatic email notifications and reminders to users. Recipients and timing can be designed to satisfy any needs.
  • File attachments are allowed (.pdf, .jpg, etc), in order to give objective evidence of events and actions.
  • The system is capable to generate graphs and reports in different file formats (.pdf and Excel).


  • Access to the system is login-based. Users’ privacy is granted by a password security policy.
  • Administrator can set rules to grant restricted access to data to different user’s profiles.
  • Contractors can have access to their own data through a separate access portal.


  • The database behind the system graphical interface is fully searchable and data can be easily retrieved.
  • The system automatically generates a unique record number as soon as a new nonconformity is initiated.
  • Reporting and investigation history is traced in an appropriate section of each nonconformity record.


  • System is web-based, accessible from anywhere in the world where internet connectivity is available.
  • No need to install anything on local machines.
  • No additional software. Only a web browser is required to run the system.
  • All upgrades are automatically done at server level.


  • The database behind the system graphical interface is “Operating System (OS) neutral”. Data can be easily exported to .xls and .pdf formats.
  • Dropdown options are available to properly categorize the reported nonconformity. Non-productive Time (NPT) and relevant costs can be traced.

The ISO Framework
According to the ISO 9001:2008 Standard, an organization shall ensure that its own products/services which does not conform to established requirements are identified and controlled to prevent unintended use or delivery. The organization shall also determine and put in place corrective/preventive actions to eliminate the causes of nonconformities in order to prevent recurrence.

The organization shall as well ensure that purchased products/services conform to specified purchase requirements, evaluate and select suppliers based on their ability to supply product in accordance with the defined requirements, and establish criteria for selection, evaluation and re-evaluation of suppliers.

Records of the above metioned activities shall be maintained.

Conforming to the ISO requirements it's a key step to customer satisfaction, flawless execution and outstanding performance.

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FB Manager Brochure [Rev03]

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